About Discover

We love to play.

In fact, we believe the power of play will unlock new stages of mastery during early childhood. By seeking out learning opportunities through playful explorations, children build flexible cognitive pathways for critical and creative thinking skills.

Guided by the principles of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, we decode, deconstruct and decipher the mesh of connections that occurs during purposeful play in a measurable and meaningful way for adults to understand and better support children's learning and development.

The outcome is a playful tango between adults and little Discoverers, both on a journey of discovery through the magic of play, opening each other's minds while growing into lifelong learners together.

Discover Early Years - A playing child is a learning child

Who We Are

We are a play-based enrichment centre utilising British early childhood education practices to cultivate 21st century skills for children age 7 and below. We've made learning sessions available hourly to keep it accessible and budget-friendly for more families!
Discover Early Years - Happy Kid
Discover Early Years was established to bridge the gap between:
Discover Early Years - child-led learning
Adult-led transmission model teaching and the 21st century, child-led learning;
Discover Early Years - children's exploratory ways
Grown ups' logical thinking and children's exploratory ways;
Discover Early Years - satisfaction of learning
and most importantly between the joy of playing and the satisfaction of learning.

Because we are passionate about unlocking every child’s fullest potential.

As the world continuously reshapes itself, there is no telling what it will look like when our little ones grow up. The only way to prepare them, is to empower them with developmental skills that sets them up to be lifelong learners and thinkers, ready to take on our ever-changing world.

Discover Early Years - Playing Kid
Discover Early Years - Kids Collage

Our Mission

Play underpins all learning, so we are building a community who loves to play because they love to learn!