Discover At The Centre

At The Centre

Everyone at our centre are on their own little journey of discovery. Therefore, we’ve meticulously designed 3 curriculums that will cater to discoverers of stages of exploration.

Tiny Tots ( 1 - 2 years old )

Sensory explorations for little ones who are eager to learn.

Little Learners ( 3 - 4 years old )

Immersive and playful explorations for independent young ones.

Ace Explorers ( 5 - 6 years old )

For teenagers in little bodies who are curious and always up for a challenge.

The Discoverer’s Journey

No matter which session a Discoverer participates in, their experience will be filled with plenty of light bulb moments we dubbed as WOW Moments that are worthy to be captured and celebrated.
Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering
Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering


Discoverers are inspected upon arrival, ensuring they are fit for the journey!

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Choose a

Discoverers choose a station to begin their exploration.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Explore &

Chief Discoverers join in to observe, discuss and explore alongside the Discoverers.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Reflect on

15 minutes Discoverers are due to leave; they gather in a circle to share their discoveries.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering


Home Commanders receive a report on the journey that took place to continue the exploration at home base.