Why Discover

What We Do

We've developed our curriculums in-house to provide little Discoverers with varied and expansive learning experiences while working closely with EYFS practitioners from the UK. This allowed us to give consideration to the education needs of families in Asia while incorporating the best teaching approach for early childhood education.

By using the British EYFS framework to follow children’s development and interpret how they learn, teachers and parents gain a better insight on early childhood development to better support and enhance learning for every unique little Discoverer.

How We Learn

We are not a subject based early childhood enrichment centre, because early years children learn in an integrated way rather than in tidy compartmentalised subject matters. Therefore, instead of focusing on subject matter competencies, children’s skills are developed across seven key areas of learning at the same time.
Discover Early Years - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Developments across all these areas can be achieved through purposeful play as they explore, investigate and master skills, knowledge and understanding. Because playing to learn is the principal way children make sense of this world.

Play is an integrating mechanism that allows flexible, adaptive, imaginative, innovative behaviour. Play makes children into whole people, able to keep balancing their lives in a fast-changing world.
-Tina Bruce-

The Learning Environment

When designing our learning environment, we abide by 3 golden rules:
Discover Early Years - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Varied & Open:

An open learning space filled with hands-on brain-on activities that are playful yet challenging to build on children’s flexible cognitive capabilities.

Discover Early Years - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Cosy & Nurturing:

A homey environment guided by encouraging Chief Discoverers, so children feel safe to take risks, challenge themselves and develop a positive relationship with learning.

Discover Early Years - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Comfortable & Safe:

Every care taken to ensure our physical environment is safe, clean and comfortable. From easy to clean floors to our centre's indoor air quality; powered by Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe technology to keep our environment clean and comfortable, nothing has been left up to chance.

In our environment, children are confident to try things out, experience success, build resilience, develop mastery and ultimately lay the foundation to become lifelong successful learner.

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