About Our Classes

Our Classes

Everyone at our centre are on their own little journey of discovery. Therefore, we’ve meticulously designed 3 curriculums that will cater to discoverers of stages of exploration.

Tiny Tots (15 – 36 months)

Sensory explorations for little ones who are eager to learn.

Little Learners (30 – 48 months)

Immersive and playful explorations for independent young ones.

Ace Explorers (46 months to 6 years old)

For teenagers in little bodies who are curious and always up for a challenge.

The Discoverer’s Journey

No matter which session a Discoverer participates in, their experience will be filled with plenty of light bulb moments we dubbed as WOW Moments that are worthy to be captured and celebrated.
Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering
Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering


Discoverers are inspected upon arrival, ensuring they are fit for the journey!

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Choose a

Discoverers choose a station to begin their exploration.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Explore &

Chief Discoverers join in to observe, discuss and explore alongside the Discoverers.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering

Reflect on

15 minutes Discoverers are due to leave; they gather in a circle to share their discoveries.

Discover Early Years - Kids Cheering


Home Commanders receive a report on the journey that took place to continue the exploration at home base.

Discover Credits

Join in the fun by getting your Discover Credits and start booking sessions in three simple steps.
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For those who wants to see what it’s like. No string attached besides tugging on your little one’s curious hearts.

Discoverers Club:

More sessions, more affordable; auto renewed for a hassle-free discovery journey! Exclusive members only perks and benefits included.