Tiny Tots Kit 1


Tiny Tots Kit 1


Filling, categorising and threading. This box is made specially to meet the needs of a toddler’s developmental stage.
An activity to strengthen
Suitable for 1-2 year olds
What are we learning?
What are we learning?

8 activities to build key skills for toddlers while engaging their curious minds and senses.
Fine motor skills: Work the little fingers through threading, pegging and stamping.
Numeracy skills: Learn shapes and categorisation to build early numeracy skills.
Literacy skills: Learn the names of shapes through matching beginning letters.
Sensory exploration: Materials of various textures help builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathway.

What are we learning?
What's in the box?

Complete instructional pdf guide of all 8 activities.

  • Wooden shape set

  • Homemade non-toxic playdough

  • 20 laminated flashcards to support learning

  • Lettered wooden pegs

  • Loose parts materials: Coloured pasta, pom poms, pipe cleaners, rubber bands etc

*Materials are subjected to availability and may sometimes be replaced with something of similar value.